Frequently asked questions

Are there any Health & Safety instructions?

Yes, all Drill bits are for professional use only and shoudl only be used if you have the relevant qualification required by you insurance. These items should not be used by anyone who has not had the relevant training. Like all Electric Nail Files they comes with their independant Do's & Dont's in regards to safety and these must be followed at all times.

Are my Drill Bits & Files returnable?

Due to hygiene reasons your Drill bits & hand files are not returnable. However if the item is faulty in any way we will do our best to resolve the situation for you - we like happy campers!

Do I need to do anything to prepare my items before use?

Yes! Due to multiple handling during production and packing all Drill BIts must be steralised before use. Preparing Hand Files: you must edge your hand file before use. Edges can be sharp on fresh files therefor you must file all of the edges of your new file with an old one. File santizer spray can be used to santize your files between use. Russian Manicure bits are required to be pre-filed. You must turn install your drill bit, turn it to a low speed and run your bit a few times along an old nail file. The grit of the bit is made by blasting tiny particles of metal onto the shaft, sometimes there may be a larger particle sticking out which would need to be pre-filed to avoid damaging the skin during treatment.

What are my drill bits made of?

Each Drill bit is made in one whole piece to avoid vibration and insure strength. They are made from the best quality Tungsten Steel.

Our purple bit names "Willow" is purple for a reason, the purple you see is a special coating of protection against oxide.

How do I clean & maintain my drill bits?

The simple answer is care!
Clean your drill bits with warm water, soap & a wired brush to make sure all product is out of the flutes. Make sure you run your brush in the direction of the flutes to make this easier. Your drill bits can then be submerged into your prefered disenfecting solution such as Barbicide for the required amount of time. DO NOT leave your drill bits submerged in liquid as these may weeked you bit. You can also steralise using an autoclave if this is your prefered method or in UV as long as the product is washed out previous to using those methods.

You Drill bits will last you longer as long as you use them appropriately and evenly.
When filing the left hand side of the nail use the tip of the bit, when filing the middles of the nail use the middle of the bit and when filing the right of the nail please use the inside of the drill bit. Using your Drill Bit evenly makes it last longer - if you use the tip only the tip will become blunt much quicker.

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