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Deposit: £50.00

Remaining: £150.00

Total: £200.00


Are you already qualified in Hard Gel or Acrylic & wish to offer another alternative treatment to your clients?


"Hybrid Gel" or also known as "Acrygel-Polygel" is a combination of acrylic & Hard Gel which forms a putty-like substance.

Benefits of Hybrid Gel:

  • It has the strength of acrylic but the flexibility of a gel
  • Its easier to control
  • It doesn't run or dribble but it stays exactly where you put it 
  • There is no time scale or restriction when it comes to manipulating the product because It sets into place once cured
  • Its a great alternative for clients who would like a softer lighter enhancement but more strength
  • No fume
  • Easier to file than Acrylic


Course Requirements/ What you need on the day:

  • You must have a qualification in Hard gel or Acrylic enhancements
  • You will need a model for the whole session who has naked nails
  • You will need to bring your prefered Prep tools, tips and anything else you have a preference to within your kit
  • There is no Kit included however if you would like some advise on products a kit can be arranged for you
  • THE COURSE IS NON BRAND SPECIFIC so you can use which ever brand you wish as long as you follow the manufacturers instructions and use it as a complete system
  • You do NOT need the Acrygel product with you as it will be supplied on the day however if there is a specific brand you know you would like to use please bring that along with you.
  • If you have an LED lamp please bring it with you - if you do not have one, one will be supplied


On the day we will cover (Practical):

  • Natural Nail prepation
  • Tip/Form application
  • Shaping, blending of the tip
  • Preparing the nail plate for product.
  • Product application
  • Shaping & refining product
  • Finishing the enhancement


To ensure the highest standards of training, students will be required to pass a theory test prior to undertaking their practical training. Once the course is paid for in full, the student is provided a detailed course manual (on-line) and required to pass a theory test, also conducted on-line. This ensures students come to the course well prepared, so they get the most from their practical training. The practical training is structured around the course material, which is divided into four parts.
1. Anatomy and physiology of the nail (comprising 4 sub - sections).
2. The Treatment (comprising 7 sub - sections).
3. Hygiene, Health & Safety (comprising 7 sub - sections).
4. Regulatory and statutory requirements (comprising 13 sub - sections).

Emphasis is placed on the student understanding the practicalities of providing a professional treatment. They will be shown how to carry out gel techniques and be expected to carry out the treatment themselves. The student will be assessed by the lecturer of the session. If the lecturer believes the student is competent, a certificate will be awarded in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. A Manicure and Gel Qualification is essential before booking this course.



Location: Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Time 9.30am-2.30pm

When booking: Please comment with your email address & contact number.

Acrygel/Hybrid Gel (Polygel) Course - select to see dates

  • The cancellation policy will be forwarded to you with your confirmation email from Sunshine Academy. If you do not Comply to Head Office guidelines you may lose your deposit & your course Fee. Please see information on your confirmation.
    Deposit £50.00
    Course Fee: £150.00






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