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Willow's famous Efile Course written by Lucy James and hosted by Lauren Holmes.

Fully accredited with ABT via our fully insured educator.


Location: 4 South Brink, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 1JA

Morning session: 10am start




Total course fee: £160.00 nothing left to pay.

Courses are Non-refundable.


Are you a serious nail tech? If yes, then its an absolute must to learn how to use an efile. Hand filing puts an incredible amount of strain on your body, you might not feel it now but its something that will progress over time and can end with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).


Benefits of using an Efile:

  • It cuts down your treatment time.
  • You can create a more thorough prep & refinement.
  • Less strain on the body
  • Far more cost efficient meaning more profit
  • You will need less products such as files, enabling you to save money, and offer more services.


What you will learn on the day:

  • Different types of Efile Bits
  • The materials Efile bits are made from their benefits and properties
  • The different styles of Efile bits, their uses Shapes, Grits/grades explained
  • Efile bit Speeds
  • Efile Health & Safety
  • How to clean your Efile bits
  • How to prep/season your Efile bits
  • Efile machones explained teaching you evrything from how they work, what to look out for, thier buttons & how to use your specific machine.
  • All about your hand piece


Practical session:

  • How to remove Gel polish from the natural nail
  • How to do an infill with the aid of Efile bits
  • How to remove lifting
  • How to prep the natural nail using sanding bands
  • How to do a Russian manicure prep using all of our 8 pieces explained
  • How to refine product prior to application
  • How to refine product after product application application
  • How to reduce length
  • How to debulk & remove


What you will need on for the course:

  • Efile Machine Efile (non brand specific)
  • You will need the 5 bit Willow Efile Kit in either silver, gold or purple.
  • Sanding Bands & Mandrel
  • Russian Bits
  • If you are left handed please make sure your purchase the left handed kit or you can use The Penultimate, Penny, 5 in 1 (F,M,C), 5 in 1 (XXF, XF, F), sanding bands, Mandrel & russian bits are suitable at this time.
  • No model required
  • You must have nail enhancements on - either overlay or extensions in BIAB, Builder Gel, Polygel or Acrylic. They must be finished in a Gel Polish Colour. They must also be the older the better, having growth and needing an infill.
  • A few products to infill a couple of nails (a lamp if needed)
  • Note pad & pen
  • A qualification in either Gel polish, Hard gel or Acrylic enhancements (not all are required)


The Efile course is aimed at those who have an understanding, qualification & experience in Nail treatments such as Gel Polish, Hard Gel Treatments or Acrylic Treatments. To ensure the highest standards of training, students will be required to show an understanding of the Machine, Bits & how to use them correctly and safely to pass.

Efile Course - Cambridgeshire Hosted by LAUREN HOLMES






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